SAP on AWS guidebook: The 4 markers of migration success

  • Ebook
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Migrating SAP to the cloud is a fundamental part of a company’s digital transformation journey. But the number of options available can lead to choice overload and inertia.

Breaking the costly cycle: Solution to minimizing planned downtime on SAP migrations

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In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business landscape, enterprises rely heavily on seamless and uninterrupted operations to maintain their competitive edge.

Learn how to reduce IT costs and increase business resilience by migrating SAP systems

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Learn more about how Fender upgraded their SAP applications to the latest version of SAP ERP Central Component.

How retailer Pick n Pay mastered its migration to the cloud

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Get deep insight into a major cloud migration project involving one of South Africa's biggest retailers.

SAP cost optimizations on AWS

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Modernize SAP applications and cut costs by up to 50% with Lemongrass.