Data analytics and artificial intelligence power most of the significant innovation and success across industries today.

Fully embracing AI and ML capabilities allows organizations to gain unprecedented and predictive insights into customer behavior, based on real-time data from their environment.
These insights also enable organizations to develop strategies for real-time responses to events for an increasingly streamlined customer experience and more operational dexterity.
To simplify the implementation of ML initiatives, organizations should consider building data platforms from the ground up.

In this eBook, learn more about the value of data and AI initiatives as well as the data warehouse versus data lake challenge.

You can also read customer case studies to learn more about collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel have collaborated for over 17 years to develop flexible technologies and software optimizations tailored for mission critical enterprise applications. Intel® Xeon® processors provide the foundation of many cloud computing services deployed on AWS and this collaboration allows AWS Partners to help customers migrate and modernize their applications and infrastructure to manage cost and complexity, accelerate business outcomes, and scale to meet current and future computing requirements.