How to migrate your data and AI workloads to Databricks

  • Article
  • 5 Min Read
Understand the process for earning AWS customer credits when migrating workloads to Databricks on AWS with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

Unlock the potential inside your data lake

  • Ebook
  • 6 Min Read
Traditional industries can achieve innovation and accelerated growth by prioritizing the adoption of AI and data science tools and initiatives.

Expanding access to the economy

  • Case Study
  • 3 Min Read
To bolster their capabilities, Block leverages Databricks Lakehouse Platform, consolidating and streamlining their data, AI, and analytics workloads.

Demo: Databricks on AWS

  • Video
  • 3 Min Watch Time
Databricks runs on AWS and integrates with major services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Redshift, and more.