Unleash innovation with Slalom and AWS

  • Ebook
  • 5 Min Read
Discover how the cloud enables you to drive innovation and learn how Slalom can simplify your migration to AWS.

Securian Financial: Realizing a cloud vision

  • Case Study
  • 4 Min Read
Slalom worked with Securian Financial on its multiyear cloud journey, which has already yielded faster product innovation and empowered teams to experiment on AWS.

Building cloud momentum

  • Ebook
  • 3 Min Read
Pathways for organizations to accelerate successful cloud migration.

How to navigate your cloud journey

  • Whitepaper
  • 5 Min Read
A deep dive into the top four challenges of business transformation.

Becoming a cloud local

  • Ebook
  • 5 Min Read
How organizations migrating and modernizing on the cloud can find an effective path to business value.