Mainframe modernization: The digital endgame

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Cloud technology can modernize mainframes and make them more cost effective, enabling businesses to meet the needs of modern customers.

Mainframe migration with Accenture and AWS

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Mainframe experts discuss why businesses must modernize key IT infrastructure.

Migrate to the cloud with precision, speed, and scale

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Quickly unlock business value with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Accenture.

Mainframes: The last frontier of cloud migration

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More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies still run business-critical applications on mainframes. But what’s their role in the age of cloud.

Learn how modernization helped Fannie Mae move from good to great

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IT executives Dave Baldwin and Satya Addagarla from Fannie Mae discuss their organization's cloud migration journey, which created an opportunity to reimagine how the mortgage industry works.